Getting into creative flow is hard. Here are 5 steps to make it easier.

Creativity is intelligence having fun. –Albert Einstein

▶️ Start with Intention

Before diving into a creative flow session, ask yourself what you want to achieve. Do you have a goal in mind or are you creating for the sake of creating?

🧘 Center Yourself

Whether you use a self-guided centering routine or a pre-recorded centering meditation, finding focus and stilling your mind before diving into your creative practice will help you get into a creative flow more quickly.

✨ Find Your Sparkle Pomodoro Time

Everyone’s creative process is unique to their practice. One of the keys to productive creativity is figuring out how long it takes you to get into a flow state and how long you can work before needing a break.

🧠 Focused Flow

When you’re ready to dive into focused work, be sure your environment supports your creative process. Do you prefer working in silence? Do you enjoy listening to binaural beats while working? Or do you find yourself most productive when surrounded by other people?

🌻 Restorative ART Breaks

Use ART (Attention Restoration Theory) to renew cognitive resources through interaction with natural environments during long creative sessions. Basically, Attention Restoration Theory just means that your brain needs a break in order to restore its capacity for focused attention and, as a result, increased overall productivity.

BONUS: Here’s a Notion Template to help you get into creative flow.

Download Notion Creative Flow Template