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About Me

Hi, I’m Tasia. (like Fantasia)

Creative Entrepreneur | Percussionist | Notion Consultant

I’m a musician + productivity nerd.

I’m a creative entrepreneur, musician, Notion consultant, and content creator here to help you create a dynamic digital brand and develop the systems+processes you need to grow your creative business.

T L ; D R


BA Music + BS Psychology


Classically trained percussionist


productivity nerd


workflow strategist


obsessed with notion


creative weirdo

My Musical Background.

Music has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. Although I am not currently making a living from music, I still identify as a musician first, and everything else after. Music became so engrained in my personality over the years, that I don’t know who I would be without it.

I have always been fascinated with the link between music and psychology, especially the psychology and physiology of performance anxiety. Recently, I’ve begun exploring mindfulness techniques for musicians to overcome performance anxiety and exploring the world of sound healing.

As I explore these topics further, I will be sharing performances and what I learn to my music YouTube channel.

What I’m Up To




  • Taking my life on the road. Travel life, here I come! I plan to start my adventure by the end of 2022. More details coming soon! 🚐
  • Performing with the Glendale Community College Percussion Ensemble whenever I can since 2008 🥁
  • Playing marimba and saving up to buy a suitcase vibraphone to take my music on the road with me
  • Playing volleyball when I can 🏐
  • Reading all the things 📚
  • Daily cuddles with Linus 🐕
  • Making internet friends + having lots of virtual coffees ☕️

My love note to Notion.

I discovered Notion shortly after Notion 2.0 was released in March 2018. I started using it as a glorified note-taking app in my final year of undergrad before letting it go when I finished my final classes.

Fast forward to 2019 when I started freelancing in digital marketing. Suddenly, I needed an organizational system to manage all my business projects, learning, and tasks. I dove down the Notion YouTube rabbit-hole, discovered Marie Poulin and enrolled in Notion Mastery in mid-2020.

Since then, I have become a Notion Essentials Certified, Notion Ambassador. I build Notion templates for creative businesses and musicians, offer Notion consulting services, and I manage a crowd-sourced Notion resource site and community, Notion for Creatives.

Videos about managing your creative life and business using Notion.


I started creating YouTube videos about my love of Notion in December 2021. I still post educational videos about Notion, but I also share my life as a creative entrepreneur in the digital world.

My Notion Design Language

My Notion Design Language deviates slightly from Notion’s official terminology. Let’s dive in!

close up photo of academic cap on wooden flooring

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Thoughts on creative business, music, and productivity.


Most of my writing goes straight to my social blog and newsletters, but I like to share longer essays here about living a creative life on my own terms.


I write alternating biweekly newsletters about using Notion to cultivate your creativity and developing mindfulness as a musician. (Launching in January 2023)

Are you ready to cultivate your creativity with Notion?