Here’s my experience with Covid. More precisely, long-Covid or post-Covid syndrome.

What’s long Covid?

It’s a longer, more pervasive set of symptoms beyond “typical” Covid.

I chose to wait for FDA approval of the Covid vaccine because I have a weak immune system and have had negative reactions to flu vaccines in the past. I work from home and self-isolate by default, so I thought I would be fine.

I tested positive for Covid the SAME DAY as FDA approval.

Covid escalated rapidly for me. Fever of 103 for 3 weeks. Hospitalized after being unable to eat/drink for 3 days straight. Had a possible blood clot scare.

But the worst part was after I got “better.” The fever broke so I wasn’t “sick” anymore, right?


I experienced severe brain fog, extreme fatigue, exercise aversion, but the most traumatic symptom? Extreme hair loss. I loss 70% of my hair density in the first two months “recovering” from Covid. That’s not an exaggeration.

As someone who used their purple hair as their identity for 10 years, this was devastating.

Upper Left: Last photo I took before Covid

Lower Left: Hair loss after ONE brushing

Upper Right: Selfie for hair density loss comparison

Lower Right: Bald spot on the back of my head

But this experience has given me the opportunity to get to know myself better. I’m letting my personality shine through my actions more than my appearance (hair).

I still struggle with fatigue and brain fog on a daily basis, but I’m pushing through it to rebuild my my music practice after a long hiatus. Even before Covid, I had a long-term injury and lost the inspiration to play for nearly two years.

I lost nearly 25% of my monthly income since I got Covid, but instead of rebuilding my pre-existing freelance work, I’m expanding my creative pursuits.

So, while I 0/10 would not recommend Covid to anyone, I’ve learned to embraced the lessons I learned as a result of my experience with it.