One of the keys to productive creativity is figuring out how long it takes you to get into a flow state and how long you can work before needing a break.

Everyone’s creative process is unique to their practice.

This is why finding your ✨Sparkle✨ Pomodoro Time is important for developing your creative process.

Not Sure What a Pomodoro Is?

🍅 The Pomodoro method is a very popular productivity technique that breaks working sessions into 25-min increments of work, followed by 5-min mental breaks. After 3 Pomodoro sessions, you give yourself a longer 15-min break to refresh. The original Pomodoro method was developed with a classic kitchen tomato timer in mind, so most people associate the Pomodoro method with tomatoes. 😉

Find Your ✨Sparkle✨ Pomodoro Time

Once you figure out how long it takes you to get into flow and how long your ideal flow state is, create or find Pomodoro timers (YouTube, phone apps, kitchen timer, etc) that are the length of your ✨Sparkle✨ Pomodoro Time.

  • If your ✨Sparkle✨ Pomodoro Time is closer to a traditional Pomodoro, be sure to take small breaks between your short Pomodoros and then a longer break after a full Pomodoro session.
  • If your ✨Sparkle✨ Pomodoro Time is longer (eg: 60-90 min), either take less or no short breaks during your working session and take a longer ART break after your Pomodoro working session.

What is your ✨Sparkle✨ Pomodoro Time?