Build in Public is a hugely popular concept in the tech/start-up world. People love to see the process behind the project. They want to follow the journey. And somewhere along the line, they fall in love with you. Because they fall in love with you, they buy your product and support your business.

So, why don’t other industries follow this approach?

In the classical music world, it has always been “accepted” that the end piece is the only thing worth sharing with the audience. The audience isn’t allowed to see the hours of blood (yes, sometimes we bleed to make music), sweat, and tears that go into perfecting, not only our musical craft, but each individual piece of music we prepare for performance.

So, fellow musicians, let’s pull back the curtain. Let’s share the blood, the sweat, and the tears.

Maybe our audience will fall in love with us for sharing the journey. Maybe they will become lifelong fans. Maybe they will begin to understand and appreciate our music more. And maybe, just maybe, they will begin to value our music enough to offer the same financial support other industries receive.

I’m starting #practicenotperfect video snippets on YouTube and Twitter. I’m not a professional performing musician, but I want to share my journey relearning how to be a percussionist after a hiatus due to injury and Covid.

🎶 Join me.

Maybe together we can save more music careers from dying before they have a chance to truly thrive.