At a glance, these three things may not seem to be related. But they are.
Let’s break it down.

🎶 Musicianship

Musicianship covers all aspects of being a musician. Music practice, music performance, the psychology of music, teaching music, composing music, and even listening to music.

🎨 Productive Creativity

Productive creativity includes strategies for building an effective creative practice. This can be translated across music, art, writing, dance, theater, design, or any other creative art.

And finally…

💼 Entrepreneurial Mindset

Cultivating an entrepreneurial mindset means learning how to approach your creative practice as a business IF you want to make it your career.

It’s fine if you don’t. Your creative practice can remain a hobby. But PROS need to approach their creative practice differently in order to be successful.

And this is where the three become related. At the center of the Venn diagram of musicianship, productive creativity, and entrepreneurial mindset is the professional musician/creative. (You can substitute “musicianship” for any other creative art and the concepts still apply).

In my upcoming essays, I’m going to share my thoughts on musicianship, productive creativity, and how to cultivate an entrepreneurial mindset as a professional creative.

Oh, and how to manage it all with Notion. 😉