Has anyone else noticed a trend within the Notion community? I have.

Notion attracts a lot of creatives and neuro-atypicals.

Here’s why:

1. Notion provides endless opportunities for customization-make it work for your brain.

Notion allows you to customize your workspace to suit your individual needs. Are you a highly visual person? Add graphics and visuals to your dashboard. Like a minimal workspace? Keep it simple with a clean layout.

2. Atypical brains (like ADHD) often struggle with information overload. (Toggles are your friends!)

With Notion, you can customize how you view your information. Want to create an outline or an annotated list, but don’t want to view ALL the information at once? Use toggles. Additionally, if you don’t want all your information living on your main page, you can create subpages and reduce the visible information on any given page.

3. Notion lets you change your workspace-without losing your data.

Through the use of “master” databases, you can store all your information in one place, then use different filter views to see your data in different ways. This allows you to tweak and adjust until you figure out what works best for your brain-a crucial element for creative productivity.

4. There aren’t many tools out there to support the management of creative businesses-Notion fills the gap.

With so many different types of creative businesses and careers, it’s difficult to find a management tool that works for every niche out there. With Notion, you can create what you need to support your creative career.

5. Notion’s lego-like building blocks satisfy the never-ending urge that creatives have… to create.

You loved playing with Legos as a kid. The creative possibilities were endless. The same goes for Notion. Create to your heart’s content with all the building blocks Notion has to offer.

My Notion Biz HQ Dashboard – this is how I manage my creative business.