This mindset shift will change the way you approach your creative career.

Freelancer Mindset

Freelancing implies you “work” for other people, helping them to build their dream.

Even if you’re working as a freelance musician and getting paid to make music (that’s the dream, right?), ask yourself this: are you making the music you want to make, or are you helping someone else make the music they want to make?

Business Owner Mindset

“Business owner” implies you work for yourself, building your OWN dream.

Sometimes you might still work with other artists or businesses and sometimes they might pay you to freelance for them. However, if you approach the relationship as a collaboration or a networking opportunity, it feels like you’re in control of your business and you’re still building your own dream, rather than another person’s dream.

When you shift your mindset to that of a business owner building your dream creative business, your motivation and creative inspiration will increase exponentially!

You’ll be better able to deliver your best work for clients or your audience and you’ll be more motivated to keep going when it gets tough.

You still need to pay the bills and sometimes you need to take on freelance work or a part-time job to make that happen (I’ve done it, too). But don’t forget to make time for the work that sets your soul on fire. That work is the business you are building.

The dream you are building.